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Custom CD Case
Detail of Spot UV
Detail of Spot UV
Detail of CD Side
Detail of Emboss and Spot UV

Labor Intensive Invitation

Project Description:
A custom invitation to an exclusive golf tournament. The Invitation is contained within a beautiful envelope die cut with the silhouette of a golfer on the front. Once the invitation is pulled out of the envelope, it opens into a bright pink and red folder. The pocket on the left side contains 2 inserts with details of the event. The additional pages are bound with a gold thread that holds them in place and are printed on a semi transparent paper.

Fabrication and Assembly Specifications

Industry Focus/Target Market
Graphic Design Advertising
Fabrication Methods Offset Printing
Finishing Methods
Emboss Die Cut
Product Volume 650 Printed
Lead Time
Production: 1.5 weeks
Delivery: 3 days to San Antonio, TX.

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